This guitar is an excellent example of the limited 25th anniversary edition guitars.

The finest old Brazilian Rosewood back and sides are complimented by very old European spruce soundboard. The tuners are Rodgers. French polished. The bracing is custom Robert Guitars 5 fan. The sound can be best described as surprisingly strong and very old world. Powerful, present, clear, resonant. The guitar is very responsive and is easy to play. Built for a light to medium gage string, it is a pleasure to play. From the private collection of Mikhail Robert, the instrument is 4 years old, has some very minor wear and is nearly mint. Overall impression is that of a powerful, clear, even, open vintage sound. Classic Brazilian Rosewood /European Spruce combo done well.

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Price: Sold.

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This guitar is the product of many years of thought and research. A breakthrough in traditional guitars development, subtle yet radical.

Constructed with a premium quality Cedar soundboard. The back and sides are very old Swiss Pear wood. Secondary back insert is of rosewood. The bracing inside is built around Robert Guitars fan bracing, but it is just the start. There are a number of extra tuned panels, both on the back and on the soundboard. The idea was to enhance the tonal overtone spectrum, sustain, colour, complexity, power, resonate with the sounds of the spiritual healing vibrations. Hence the name, The Third Dimension Guitars, or 3D for short.

The first dimension is physical, it is a full on concert guitar. The second dimension is musical; it functions and plays superbly as a traditional classical guitar. The third dimension is energetic, spiritual and healing. This design literally created itself in an inspired way. This guitar is part what has become the "Human Virtues" project.

The sound is wonderful. Yes, it still plays and sounds like a top-notch concert guitar, as was intended.

It possesses a wonderful old world tonal character, with a great deal of power, even all across, fantastic sustain, clear singing trebles, easy to play, a true joy to hold. The guitar responds equally well to light touch as well as to strong attack. The dynamic range is surprisingly extensive, great vibrato at low volume and at full out concert level. .....All of that, plus a complex and mystical lingering of sounds produced by the different resonating panels inside the instrument.

The finish is French polish. 648 mm scale. Baljak tuners.

For additional questions, please contact us.

Price: Sold.

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