"If you want power...no problem. Colors...a full palette. Vibrato...effortless. Simply the best."

Matt Gould - Guitarist, Duo 46

"My Robert guitar has the best qualities I was looking for: it is truly elegant in tone, beautiful sounding, further it is easy on the fingerboard, loud and really clear in playing and recording. I love it!!"

Massimo Delle Cese - Rome, Italy

"I derive enormous pleasure from my 1994 Robert guitar -- more than pleasure -- playing is an integral part of my life, and that lovely guitar is my treasured companion. "

Maryellen Symons, Toronto, Canada

"Just a short word to say that the 7-string guitar Misha Robert made for me a couple of years ago is the only instrument I play daily, out of a collection of 15 instruments by some very well known makers. The instrument was made according to my own precise specifications, and it came out exactly as I wanted it. Not only I needed an instrument which has 7 strings on the fingerboard, I also required additional frets for the first string, and most importantly, an instrument which responds to the Russian tuning (D, G, B, d, g, b, d') properly. The result is a guitar with an open voice which dominates everything within reach, yet with a beautiful singing tone and perfect balance with impeccable workmanship. I couldn't ask for anything better."

Matanya Ophee - Editions Orphee, Inc.

"As an international dealer of fine classical and flamenco guitars, I have seen and played many examples from the finest guitar-makers in the world. Mikhail Robert is one of the brightest talents of the lutherie community to come along in many a year. He has gained a level of skill and depth of understanding to qualify him as one of the leading makers of classical guitars. His previous experience, past results, high building standards, intense immersion in his craft, and a true passion for the instrument enable him to create a superbly crafted, state-of-the-art classical guitar. Each instrument possesses deep tonal character, rich with power and projection, capable of producing complex colors that encompass the entire musical palette. Uniformly consistent, they respond mysteriously to the uniqueness of each player. After examining and playing his instruments, it has become clear that Mikhail Robert possesses a relentless pursuit of artistic and musical excellence."

Rik Jonna - Owner, Hand-Picked Guitars, USA

"The Robert guitar I own is the most responsive instrument I've ever played. It has a lush, warm sound, and is very powerful. The instrument has amazing sustain, and after six years, I'm still finding new sounds to coax from its wide tonal palette. Misha builds instruments that are very inspiring to the creative artist."

Karl Wohlwend-Ohio,USA

"As an accomplished guitarist of 28 years, with small hands, playing on 650/660mm guitars for 24 of those years caused me much frustration. I always seemed to be struggling with the instrument causing limitations in the development of my music. I was ready for a change and the difficult task of finding a concert quality short scale guitar and a luthier committed to my cause. I fell in love with M. Robert's guitars and commissioned him to build me a 635mm, cedar top guitar. That was in 1997. I have played on this beautiful, sweet sounding, concert guitar for 4 years now. My technique soared, and as my hands no longer strained I avoided injury. Repertoire that I avoided before is achievable now, both physically and musically."

ALCM(TD), LLCM - B.C. Canada

"Mikhail Robert makes great guitars of all sizes, and he makes great guitars period! His attention to certain fundamentals of good guitar making, like depth and quality of sound, presence,musicality and responsiveness to extremely varied musical touch, means that his guitars play like a dream come true! Don't listen to all that crap about how you have to sacrifice quality of sound for sheer volume - unless you want a guitar that sounds like a harpsichord on crack. I've tried it and I can't stand it any more. I've found that this is the real stuff."

Jay Kauffman -New York, USA

"Over the past 35 years I have owned a number of guitars. Unquestionably, my new Mikhail Robert short scale guitar is the most playable of all my former instruments. This beautiful spruce and maple guitar is impeccably crafted and a pleasure to look at. The sound is bright and well balanced and I've had many complements from those who have listened to it.

I applaud Misha for offering the short scale option. These guitars are easier to play and put less stress on the left hand, giving you more resources to apply to music making.

It was fun working with Misha during the process of ordering my new guitar,he was open and informative and professional throughout. I would suggest any classical guitarist seriously consider one of Misha's short scale guitars."

Jonathan Braun-California, USA

"Mikhail Robert's guitars are "Jewels" among the North American guitar building. The tone is refined, yet powerful, modern and yet able to capture all the romance of the past. Mikhail's workmanship is impeccable and only the best choice wood would ever appear on his guitars. I consider Mikhail Robert one of the true masters of our time."

Patrick Lui -North Carolina,USA

I fell in love with Misha's guitars in 1996 the first moment I played them. The sweet, sweet tones were in every note, every string. The sound was gentle yet powerful and the guitar was entrancing! It was so easy to play, and the sound was unlike anything I had ever heard. For me, it was perfection. After one year I was still talking about these magical guitars, and when I chanced to see them again, the new batch was even more beautiful. I took one home.

After 3 1/2 years my 640mm spruce is even more gorgeous. It has such playability, and such clarity. These guitars are perfect for counterpoint because of the clarity on the inner strings. In so many ensemble performances at USC, people have invariably picked mine out from other top level concert guitars for its beauty and projection. I have had several instances where a professional performer has chosen to give concerts on my guitar when his is not available, perhaps because of its extreme playability.

Thank you Mikhail for your dedication, devotion, and hard work, because without it I would still be searching for my princess, which brings me joy every time I play her.

Camille Smith - California, USA

More testimonials available on request, please contact us.

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