We believe Robert Guitars are among the finest traditional classical guitars available today. We do not offer guitars constructed with Kevlar, carbon fiber, plywood, or other modern inventions. All Robert guitars are made with the very finest solid wood seasoned for many years. Our guitars are made almost entirely by hand. No high speed sanders are ever used to make the sounding plates of our guitars. What makes our guitars superior is the sound and playability. Over the last 25 years our primary focus has been to create strictly concert professional grade works of acoustical art.

The year of 2010 we are introducing a special concert model to commemorate the 25 years of dedication to excellence. The limited 25th anniversary edition guitars will be of the very finest old Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and only the finest old European spruce or Cedar for soundboards. Premium tuners by Alessi or Rodgers will be used. The limited 25th anniversary edition model will be finished in varnish and french polish. The Rosewood is of extremely rare quality, and is over 60 years old. Once it is gone, there will be no more. It is irreplaceable.

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